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I am not exactly sure why I get so pumped up about NEW things, but I do. New beginnings excite me. I like traveling to new places, meeting new people is fun, starting a new year gets me amped up.  I believe that it is part of our spiritual DNA that we have a desire for new – to experience something new and better.  All who come to Christ experience this as they become a “new creation”.  Here is a list of NEW things that I enjoy.

New friends and relationships

New opportunities to share God’s love

New work assignments which give me an opportunity to grow and learn

New babies… and new christians

The fresh start a New Year provides

The fresh start God’s forgiveness provides when we recognize and repent of sin in our lives


A new place visited

Seeing my wife in the morning or when I return from a trip

Seeing old friends anew

A new book

God is creative.  He is the author and creator of all that is and all that will be.  He makes all things new.  As His children we have that creative spark within us.  God allows a mother and father to participate in the creation of a child.  He enables the composer to create a beautiful symphony.  And He gives us each day to enjoy and participate in new beginnings.  People that we meet can experience Christ’s love through us.  Places we travel to can be viewed through eyes that see it anew.  Tasks we undertake can be done in a new and creative manner.

My prayer today is that we relish the NEW God offers to us this day and we allow Him to use this awareness in His transformation process… in us and in the world in which we live.

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